KEBAYA Goes International: “The Indonesian Heritage in Germany”

Indonesia is a special archipelago, which consists of multi ethnic groups/tribes and multicultural backgrounds. The multidimension of this special country could be seen through various languages, different ways of dressing and specific customs in each specific regions. 

‘Diversity in Unity’ best describes Indonesia as a big nation. Across its many different islands and tribes, the nation still has one unifying Language, that is commonly known as ‘Bahasa Indonesia’. Equivalently, that’s also the case when it comes to the ways of dressing amongst its different ethnic groups. The nation has one national pride costume for women, widely known as “KEBAYA”.

Ferry Sunarto Fashion Show

Buckerburg, Hannover, Germany

In the past, KEBAYA is a special cloth/dress that could only be worn by distinguished lady or the royal family (i.e., the emperor’s wife(s) or the king’s relatives). Eventhough Indonesia is now a Republic and is no longer rules by an emperor/king, as a way to preserve culture and tradition, Kebaya is still frequently seen in special/formal occasions and traditional wedding ceremony. Kebaya still carries its luxurious charm that goes along with with more modern touches here and there.

Kebaya embodies distinctive characteristics of elegant and proper sexyness through its interesting and intricate details, such as unique collar, fitted long sleeves, and not to forget the beautiful lace fabrics. All of that explains how special craftmanship and strong attention to details are essentials in order to make a piece of  magnificent ‘handmade’ Kebaya. That’s also why, Kebaya has immense values and meaning for Indonesian People.



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